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Trick or Treats!

With the current situation regarding the presence of COVID 19, many of the popular Halloween themed activities like haunted houses, parties, and trick or treating will very likely not be taking place this year. But that shouldn’t mean the entire Halloween season is ruined. Horror movie marathons are always a fun option for the spooky season, and what better opportunity then now to stay home and brew up some exciting snacks and meals that are perfect for munching on while you’re hidden under your covers.


For those of you with a sweet tooth, ghost cupcakes are a great place to start! All you need is chocolate cake mix which you will use as the base, then pipe a generous amount of white frosting on top in the shape of a ghost. To get this effect on the frosting, you can simply fill up a ziplock bag, and cut a relatively big corner for the frosting to come out of. Use it like a piping bag, and swirl it above the chocolate base. Add two chocolate chips for the eyes, and an extra step you can take to make it even better, is to carefully dip that frosted top in some tonic water. It might sound strange, but drinks like Canada Dry contain special characteristics that allow it to glow under a black light. This way you can have delicious cupcakes, which even glow like a ghost!


For a more savory snack, sausage mummies are a quick and easy option. All you would need to do is prepare some sausages, and get some puff pastry. Make sure to cut the pastry into long, thin slices, which you can wrap around the sausages however you’d like! Follow the cooking instructions for the dough, and bake your mummies in the oven before taking them out, and decorating and plating them as you wish. Adding ketchup for eyes or other effects is always a great idea, and you can add whatever else you would like!


All it takes for a neat trick to spice up the look of your everyday punch is a latex glove and some water! After making sure your glove is clean (and the non-powdered kind), just fill it with some water and set it in the freezer. Once it’s frozen, you can take it out and cut off the glove before placing it in your punch. As for the punch, here’s a list of countless different recipes you can try out, for whatever occasion it may be!

These all might be good for little munchies, but if you’re looking for a fuller meal, here are some other exciting options I found:

Monster lasagna: Before placing your dish in the oven, use some cheese and olives to decorate the top and make it resemble a spooky face!

Witches’ Fingers: After creating this simple and delicious pizza dish, cut long, thin rectangles, rather than the usual triangle slices, and add a piece of pepper, olive, tomato, or anything else similar to the tips in order to resemble the nail of a finger to give it a Halloween look!

Pumpkin bites: Instead of baking the mac and cheese in a large dish, go for smaller dishes, or even cupcake tins, to give the look of individual little pumpkins. Finish them off with broccoli stems to resemble that of a pumpkin!

Jack-o-lantern Faces: After choosing whichever burger recipe you wish, you can cut out faces on the slices of cheese to make them into jack o’lanterns, cyclops’, mummies, or whatever else your heart desires. Same can be done with many other sauces and toppings!

Even if people might not be going door to door this year collecting candy from the neighborhood, you can still treat yourself to many new, delicious recipes that pair perfectly with a night in. Just as it is fun to go out and put together a costume, the same creativity can be applied in the kitchen. So put on those cat ears, capes, and don’t forget your apron before getting to work! 

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