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Who Am I?
Who Am I?
June 22, 2023

Palindrome Poems (Reverse Poems)

The term “palindrome” is derived from two Greek words, palin (meaning again) and dromos (which means way, or direction). It is defined as a number, word, sentence, symbol, or even a sign that can be read forward as well as backward, or in reverse order with differing effects and meanings.  Palindrome poems should be read from top to bottom and then again from bottom to top. With each reading, the meaning of the piece changes in some way.

to be happy

I’m happy

but the truth is

and I know it sounds crazy

but I can’t shake this feeling

that I’m totally alone

I used to always feel

that things will get better

it’s enough to see

the silver lining

but I forgot to take a glimpse at

all that hurt me in the past

it’s foolish to hold onto

this hope

all I think about is

how it takes up too much space in my heart

I want to forget the pain that led me here and

I want to move on

I used to say this but now I accept that

I’m not happy

there’s still hope beneath the words

I’ll never move forward (it’s pathetic, really)

how naive is that feeling that

everything will be alright

you say things can change for the better

when I allow myself to listen

when I read between the lines

it all gets much more clear

to end up on top and

see it differently

all I had to do was

start from the bottom

(*Now read from bottom to top)

The Sun By: Giulia Zielinkski

The sun will rise again

Times may seem dark but remember

There’s always a light to come

It won’t be like this forever and remember

You can make it through

If you just stay strong and keep your chin up

You will be able to outstand all odds

Just to remind those who feel like it’s impossible

(*Now read from bottom to top)

Social Media  By: Haley McNish

I’ll never be good enough.

Tears stain my face.

My thumbs hurt.

My eyes burn.

There is too much beauty.

Tall expectations tower above, casting dark shadows on my face.

My heart is heavy.

It’s not enough.

The screen lights my face, subtly, with a faint orange glow.

I color and brighten and saturate my soul.

I smile.

I scroll.

I like.

I blend in.

Maybe I am good enough. 

(*Now read from bottom to top)

Can You Hear Me? By: Shannon Silverthorne

Hello? Can you hear me?

I opened my eyes and saw 

nothing. A string of 

fluorescent lights clinging to a 

cold, white ceiling. A face,

above me. Plastic goggles. White 

coat. Cool metal under my

back. The face above me

smiled. I closed my eyes and saw



I closed my eyes and saw 

everything. The face above me

smiled. Cool metal under my

back. White 

coat. Plastic goggles. A face, 

above me. A string of

fluorescent lights clinging to a 

cold, white ceiling. I closed my eyes and saw everything. 

Hello? Can you hear me?

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