Why Beto O’Rourke Should Run for President

Julia Tuck

The U.S. presidential election season is one categorized by excitement and hope when it rolls around in November every four years. The election for president in 2020 will be one just as nail biting as more candidates are beginning to surface as potential bids for president.

Recently, in the past senatorial races, new faces have come about as a new powerful presence in politics. Representative Beto O’Rourke of Texas has emerged as the “wild card” of the presidential campaign-in-waiting for a Democratic Party that lacks a clear 2020 front-runner. After a star-making turn in his close race against Senator Ted Cruz, Mr. O’Rourke is increasingly serious about a 2020 run, a development that is rousing


activists in early-voting states, leading veterans of former President Barack Obama’s political operation, and Mr. Obama himself, to offer their counsel and hampering would-be rivals who are scrambling to lock down influential supporters and strategists as future campaign staff.

Mr. O’ Rourke seems to represent a new group of liberals in Texas who have felt suppressed by the red state’s strong conservative hold in politics for several years. Mr. O’ Rourke seemed to excite a new crowd of younger voters and those seeking to break free from the long held conservative stances consisting of radical ideas such as getting rid of abortion clinics across America. It is clear that Beto is creating a new atmosphere of enthusiasm amongst voters and will have ample support should he finalize his candidacy to run.

Despite the positivity, however, Mr. O’Rourke would surely have vulnerabilities in a primary, including an absence of signature policy feats or a centerpiece issue to date. In his Senate race, he was often disinclined to be negative and attack his opponent which seemed disappoint some Democrats who believe he wasted a chance to defeat long standing Republican senator Mr. Cruz. He is, by clear appearance, not the political brawler some Democrats might crave against a president they loathe. It is also clear to admit that his candidacy would not be history-making like Mr. Obama’s and it would not be entirely new.

In my opinion, I do believe that Mr. O’ Rourke would be a great candidate for the next presidential race. I have seen him in debates and have heard his opinions via YouTube and I feel that he is a source of positivity and hope that America needs. Mr. O’ Rourke does not seem to have negative energy or political polarization that could serve as detriments to his campaign. Additionally, it is my opinion that he would be a good candidate for the position due to his ability to maintain calmness and he is young and thus appeals to a younger generation of voters such as myself. It would be wise if Mr. O’ Rourke decides to run for president because despite his close loss for Senator, this may be his chance to represent the nation as president.