Music Marathon Comes to a Conclusive End

Ashvin Nagarajan

A cherished annual tradition, The James Caldwell High School Music Marathon is an event where students from the entire district can gather to share their musical talents and dedication to their craft. On February 24, 2018, hundreds of guests gathered to hear the array of performances. The day was off to a great start as we enjoyed the sweet melodies of The Dancing Snakes Ensemble, The Jazz Band, and so many more.

Shortly after 2:00 pm, the Madrigal singers took the band room stage to share their hard work. Suddenly, however, they were cut short with the panicked announcement of a Lockdown. Parents, spectators, and performers alike shuffled into back rooms and hidden corners with hushed breath, unsure of what was to come. In an instant, the vibrant and passionate pieces transitioned into silence. For over 20 long minutes, the school was under lockdown, flinching at every sound in the dark.


We only learned later that armed police officers sent the building into lockdown in order to confirm the safety of everyone present. A threat posted by a former student led authorities to assemble a team at the high school. It was their quick judgement and decisive action that led to the security of all that were present that day. However, the festivities of the Music Marathon were unfortunately cut short and postponed for a later date.

One month later on March 27, 2018, the remaining performers gathered to share their pieces. It was a pleasure to watch the music come alive and bring closure to the event. The Music Marathon continues to be a proud tradition and will hopefully remain so for a long time to come. Drawn together by music, James Caldwell sends a strong message of unity and peace for all.