The cons of technology in school

Julie Servidio

Here at JCHS, the focus is providing the highest level of education possible. The staff at the school is doing the best job they possibly can, although sometimes their ability to do so is hindered by technology not working as planned. Teachers and students throughout the school have difficulty with the technology not functioning properly.

Just the other day an unnamed junior here at the school desperately asked her teacher to print her brochure project because her login was getting, “lost in the server.” This is a common problem ever since the school’s computers were switched to a new system. Fortunately there is one computer in the library which isn’t attached to the new server that will always work with a student’s login. All they have to do is ask the staff member overseeing the library at the time for permission.
Of course computers aren’t the only things that don’t function correctly. Smart boards that don’t align properly are the bane of many teachers’ lesson plans. Teachers in the science wing often find themselves writing on the whiteboards because they can’t stand the frustration of writing the same sentence over four times because the smart board won’t align.
On the other hand some attempts to alleviate these problems have been made. Students may have noticed the new tablets teachers have been using in place of their bigger laptops or desktop computers. However, even these don’t work exactly as intended. These tablets were meant to connect to the projectors wirelessly, to make it easier to hook up to the school’s system while being fairly mobile at the same time. Unfortunately they haven’t been able to get the wireless connection right so classrooms have elaborate wire connections trailing along the ceilings and into the projectors with long bothersome cords. With a little creativity, most teachers have been able to prevent the cords from getting in the students’ way as far as seeing the board goes, however the teachers are still fairly restricted.
When asking students what the most bothersome technological downfall was in JCHS, a reoccurring complaint was the inability to get a stable Wi-Fi connection. Even with two open connections available to students, they are constantly getting disconnected. This complaint is largely trivial, because everyone knows that posting on Instagram, tweeting or checking Facebook isn’t a life or death ordeal. There are, however, students who bring their own laptops to school in an attempt to work done who have trouble getting a solid Wi-Fi connection.
All things considered though, JCHS could be much worse off. Students should be thankful for the technology that is available at this high school. One must remember that all of these problems and complaints are easily pointed out, but not easily fixed. Students and even teachers can be very critical of the school’s technology. Almost everyone, staff and students alike, are guilty of it from time to time. This “not-so advanced” technology may not be perfect, but it has allowed for some great learning opportunities here at JCHS, despite its many obvious flaws.