JCHS Caldron Takes on NYC


Ashvin Nagarajan and Katie Quigley

On November 6, 2018, Columbia University hosted the 78th Annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association Conference in New York City. Renowned speakers, authors, and journalists were invited from across the country to share their wisdom with visiting high school students. The conference offered events focused on writing, editing, management, design, photography, and digital media. In total, there were upwards of 50 unique lectures over the course of the day.

The editorial staff of the James Caldwell High School Caldron had the pleasure of attending this conference. The staff heard presentations on a plethora of topics, including yearbook design, rights of journalists, and the epidemic of fake news. According to Mrs. Podvesker, an advisor for the Caldron, “It was a culminating experience, a mixture of landscape with intellectuals along with amateurs all engaging in a journalistic experience.” Overall, it was an overwhelmingly positive experience, and many of the editors took home valuable information about running a publication and managing a news organization.