TV Review: The Brave

Olivia Carrara

Throughout the fall, new shows have been released on countless channels. As a self-proclaimed TV enthusiast, I have watched my fair share of the new shows that hit the screen this year. One that I have continued to watch after the pilot, is “The Brave.” After watching “The Voice,” I had already finished studying and doing my homework, so I decided to stay tuned to see what was coming on TV next… Now, I am addicted. “The Brave” follows a United States Special Operations team as they fearlessly enter unknown situations and risk their lives.

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One interesting aspect of this show that separates it from its competitors is that the team works closely with the headquarters, and the viewer gets to see the communication between both groups of people. The cast consists of eight people, three of whom work at the Defense Intelligence Agency: Patricia Campbell, the Deputy Director, and Noah Morgenthau and Hannah Archer, who are both analysts. The other cast members are team members: Dalton, Preach, Jaz, McGuire, and Amir. Each of these characters have a different role. Dalton is the captain who makes all the final decisions when the team is undercover, Preach is the CPO, Jaz is the sniper, McGuire is the combat medic, and Amir is the intelligence director and the newest member of the team. Each week, the team is tasked with yet another ground mission to complete, whether it is to save a US woman kidnapped in Syria or to find an arms dealer helping terrorist groups. The team travels to different parts of the world to go wherever they are most needed including Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Mexico, Nigeria, Spain, and Paris. You never know what to expect when you turn on NBC on Mondays at 10:00, but you can always be confident that the team will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The actors and actresses in this show may not be very well-known, but their skills do not show it. They are impeccable at playing their assigned parts, and it is clear that the casting team took time to choose the best fit for each role. While I always have a favorite character, The Brave makes it difficult to put any of the characters in first place. Each person in the show has admirable qualities. With that being said, My current three favorite characters include Jaz, Dalton, and Deputy Director Campbell. Jaz, played by Natacha Karam, is the only female on the special operations team, but the other members never question her abilities. Jaz is the sniper for the team and her actions make it very clear that being a female does not make her weak or inferior to the other members. Dalton, the captain, is also one of my favorites because he has the responsibility of making every decision, yet he never makes a wrong choice. He chose every member of the team to complement his strengths and weaknesses. When others doubt his decisions, Dalton always stands by them knowing that he has evaluated the situation in full. Finally, I admire the Deputy Director because her son had just died being on the special operations team, yet she promptly returned to work in order to help save innocent people. Campbell always knows what to do and has confident in her analysts and the team at all times. I also love that they decided to cast a woman in this leadership role because it again helps to prove that women are capable of everything men are.

The script and set of the show is very realistic and keeps the viewer nervous until the very last five minutes of the episode. The show is filmed in New Mexico, but the set designs have you believing they are in a different country every week. The action scenes are never flawed and are always very believable. The acting and setting provide a depth to the show that is unreal. You feel as though you are watching real videos of special units teams making saves and fighting against kidnappers, terrorists, arms dealers, and more. This show is flawlessly executed and even has the power to make you wish it was Monday. If you haven’t already turn on “The Brave” and let it take you into the hidden missions that you never knew occurred.