Rec Basketball Team Gets Help From Varsity Chief

Matt Aiello

Recreation basketball has taken the Caldwell sports world by storm. Enjoyed by many, it is always nice to get together with your friends on a Sunday evening and win a basketball game. The Goof Troop, sadly, cannot say that. The team of 8 students here at JCHS has a remarkable record of 0-12 in two years in the league…but don’t count them out; junior shooting guard John Carroll said before a game, “I’ve never been more ready in my life. This team is all I got and I’m more than willing to do whatever it takes to make this team become prosperous and successful.” The Goof Troop lost that game by 25.

On franchise loss number 10, The Troop got together and made a huge executive decision: they needed a head coach. And that, everyone, is when Richie Todd came into play.

The senior point guard for the varsity Chief squad came to the team with a positive attitude. Coach Todd went on a lengthy heart-felt rant about his team saying, “We have ourselves a gritty little group. When I see JJ Carroll I see a young man who is being pulled in by quick sand who refuses to get taken in because his heart is bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. We have had many injuries that only I have known about, and with JJ’s energy and a healthy lineup, team Colin Hill, or whoever, might as well get a jump start on practice because if they’re play us…it’s going to be the fall of Rome all over again”

With the snow melting and the heat starting to rise, it’s safe to say that the Recreation Basketball League has officially come to an end for the 2012-2013 season. With some time on their hands now, The Troop plans to practice and get better to eventually achieve their goal of winning one game next year. For now, you can follow the team on twitter (@_TheGoofTroop_) and check up on their progress with tweets from the team’s PR advisor, John Carroll.