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Is Healthcare a program to save lives, or save votes?


Politics is a game, there are clear winners and losers. The recent game has been about health care reform and President Trump and the House GOP, Paul Ryan are the leaders; and if the Republicans were to change it they needed to figure out how to get the vote of the other senators and representatives. Below is a breakdown of the proposed bill that was shot down at the end of March.

The Remains of Obamacare
  • Dependent coverage to 26
  • Couldn’t be denied for Pre-existing conditions
  • No annual/Lifetime limits
  • Annual out-of-pocket maximum
The Changes of Obamacare (Republican Proposal)
  • Eliminates individual and employer mandates
  • Changed the subsidies: Refundable tax credits are now based on age more so than income
  • Shift more medicaid responsibility towards states
Unfortunate Losers (those who lose benefits from new bill)
  • Older Americans are charged more for their plan
  • Lower income families: less expanded medicaid and subsidies that helped lower income families will be reduced
The Winners (those who gain benefits from new bill)
  • Younger Americans: cheaper plans than older Americans
  • Higher income Families: rolls back taxes on the richest Americans who helped fund Obamacare

The Republicans are losing the favor of many senators who cannot fully agree to the changes in Obamacare. They are trying to make healthcare, “more affordable, and more accessible” but towards whom? Due to the redirection of helpful subsidies to refundable tax credits which are determined more by age than income. The subsidies under Obamacare were more handy in giving people in lower income families chances to save their money on premium and out-of-pocket expenses. And so, the bill has clear advantages and disadvantages. Luckily for the Democrats, the bill did not survive. Republican Moderates thought the reduction in subsidies were too tough on low income families, but if the bill was swayed more to the moderates then the conservatives would get involved. All in all, there was no way for the House GOP and the committee to create a bill that pleased everyone. Therefore in the words of Paul Ryan, “Obamacare is the law of the land” and both parties ought to treat it as such.

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