Latin Honor Society Induction

Latin Honor Society Induction

Julia Tuck

Courtesy of Christine Corliss

From Front Left to Right: Brendan Padover, Ashvin Nagarajan, Thomas Murray, Elizabeth Murray, Jake Friedenberg Back: Kevin Perry, Olivia Porcello, Lauren Rickenbach, Jessica Rizzo, Kassie Sarkar, Julia Tuck, Mina Yi, and Charlee Alberta.

(The students who also qualified but were not able to attend include: Tali Tukachinsky and Frederick Wu.)

On Tuesday, March 28, the Latin Honor Society Induction ceremony commenced. The students who qualified for the Latin Honor Society had to have met special criteria including their grade average and commitment to classical studies. The ceremony formally inaugurated the specified students for their outstanding achievements and dedication to the Latin language.

It was a truly an honor for me to have been inducted into this prestigious honor society. I believe that Latin is a language definitely worth pursuing and Dr. Trause, the Latin teacher, is very passionate about Latin and enhances my own intrigue and commitment to classical studies. I congratulate my fellow peers who qualified for this society and am excited for future endeavors and further appreciation of the classical world.

Ad sapientiam et lūcem!