Twist: A welcome addition to the Caldwells

Zayed Seddiki and Angela Williams

Between Chipotle and GameStop is a new addition to the list of eateries throughout Caldwell – Twist, a self-serve frozen yogurt shop. It opened this past fall and has been a big hit since. Compared to places such as Carvel and Gelotti, the price of Twist is relatively cheaper, yet still offers a great quality and healthier alternative to the products of these big ice cream store names.

Like other popular self-serve places (such as Cups and Red Mango), Twist offers a wide variety of flavors such as classic chocolate to Red Velvet, as well as a large selection of toppings that are a great addition to any frozen yogurt.  Unlike the other self-serve places, however, Twist is noticeably less crowded and conveniently placed so that it is easily accessible to anyone in the Caldwell-West Caldwell area. The yogurt is creamy and has a great flavor, regardless of which one you choose, and the toppings are always fresh and complement the frozen yogurt very well. If you have not yet gone to Twist, you definitely should! The staff is always welcoming and friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. The store offers you and your friends a great place to hang out and enjoy a delicious treat.

Since the price is determined by the weight of your cup after you have put all of the fro-yo and toppings you want in it, it is difficult to gauge a specific price range for your ice cream. Personally, however, I have found that I usually spend around four dollars on the dessert, which is quite worth it and surprisingly filling. Throughout your visit to Twist, you can take a seat on one of their bright red couches which offer a perfect spot to enjoy your treat, chat with your friends, and watch a continuous stream of music videos being played on one of two large TVs found on either side of the store: its great variety of music offers yet another benefit to going to Twist.

Whether you are with friends or family, Twist is a great place to go if you are looking for frozen yogurt. Say goodbye to driving a ridiculously long way to Cups and having to wait in line just to get into the store – and say hello to Twist: within walking distance of your house, with little to no line, a greater variety of options, and a friendlier staff. Overall, Twist is an excellent addition to our town that will leave you satisfied and smiling.