Comfort Zones: Don’t Let Them Hold You Back

Olivia Carrara

Everybody has their limits, their boundaries that keep them from taking risks and doing things they view as uncomfortable. Whether the boundaries stop them from trying a dangerous activity or attempting something embarrassing, they secretly exist all around us. Some refer to this as the “voice in your head,” the cautious answer to the life-long question of “Should I do it?” However, in reality, these are the restrictions of your own “comfort zone.” Comfort zones are a simple concept; they are the zones where you feel secure, and they don’t have to be a physical place. It is area of your essence that involves no fear, no danger, and no stress. This small area is clearly tempting to many; after all, why risk anything if you can stay safe where you are? While I agree that playing it safe can be the best way to go, I have begun to realize it is just not worth it.


Many times in life people are asked to do something or to go somewhere, and instead of happily accepting the offer, they let your comfort zone control them and  quietly refuse. They miss out on opportunities that could change their life, every time they let a little fear keep them away from the new experience. Your comfort zone may protect you, but at the same time it harms you. Often times, the comfort zone restricts people from taking a chance. It evokes images of the horrible outcomes that could occur if one dares to venture out of the boundaries one’s mind has created. Comfort zones exist to keep you from doing something you will ultimately regret, but on the flip side, it also can result in many regrets. Skipping out on events, trips, or adventures because one’s mind threatens “what if” scenarios is the greatest obstacle to new experiences. I know this because I let my comfort zones control me. I never do anything out of the ordinary, I never take risks. Living inside the boundaries of my comfort zone is starting to make me claustrophobic, starting to make me feel like I have been missing out on the many opportunities life has presented me with. It is time to realize that watching life pass you by as you comfortably watch from inside your gated area is not any way to live, it’s time to break the boundaries.

Life is meant to be experienced and opportunities are meant to be taken. Comfort zones are holding everyone back from taking risks and having life changing experiences. Living comfortably inside the boundaries you create for yourself is no way to enjoy life. Leave behind the fear and stress holding you back and take on all that life has to offer. Boundaries are made to be broken and there is no better time to change how you live.