The Environmental and Astronomy Clubs

Billy Bartlett

JCHS has many clubs within its walls. The clubs range from sports-oriented clubs to music and drama. Many students are part of one or more clubs that the school has to offer. Two of the clubs that students are part of are the Environmental Protection Club and the Astronomy Club.

The Environmental Protection Club has many dedicated students that are committed to making the world a better place to live in. The club’s advisor, Mrs. Browne, holds regular meetings for the EPC. Malek Ismal, club president, said that they “discuss environmental issues in school and try to fix them.” Some students may know them because of the ACE assembly that the school held or have seen them cleaning up the school courtyard. The EPC is planning a “Swaptacular” on March 12. At the “Swaptacular,” students can bring slightly used items and donate them. Along with that, the donated items are free for students to take as they please. The club is doing this to “encourage people to think more about the environment and how they live.”

The Astronomy Club is based out of room 305 and is advised by Mr. Olsen. “The club is new and is still trying to get off the ground,” says Olsen. He also said that his goal for the club is to eventually have a telescope night at least once a month. On the telescope nights, people will be able to freely visit an open telescope and view the night sky. Olsen would love to have one “on the corner of Passaic and Bloomfield so people can see Saturn and Jupiter,” at their best. He is hoping to get more active when it starts to warm up so more people can enjoy it.

The environmental clubs of JCHS are actively trying to explain the beauty and worth of the environment. Both the EPC and the Astronomy clubs are looking for new members and want to better the school.