Theatre Arts Club and Improvisation Club

Julie Servidio

Here at JCHS there are many clubs one can join to enjoy hobbies they already have, or even discover new ones. If acting is a personal interest, Theatre Arts Club or Improvisation Club may be a perfect fit. Theatre Arts meets about once a month in the orchestra room under the supervision of Mrs. Modero, who is also the director and choreographer of the fall play. Any student can become a member by simply attending a meeting. The purpose of Theatre Arts is to bring theatre into JCHS and provide a place to learn about all different aspects of the show. The club has optional audition and tap workshops for those who are serious about theatre, or who just want to have fun and learn. They also help by holding fundraisers for the annual musical and fall drama performed at the school. Some of these fundraisers and other events held by theatre arts which are coming up are a Valentine’s Day bake sale, a Shakespeare festival and of course the school musical, “Kiss Me, Kate.” Anyone who is interested in acting or theatre in any way are encouraged to join and new members are always welcome. The club officers are President Julie Eller, Co-Vice Presidents Natalie Tietjen and Nicole Garamella and Secretary Greg Mercado. Any of these students would be happy to inform those who wish to join about upcoming meeting and activities. Vice President Natalie Tietjen, who has been a member since the club’s creation, stated that Theatre Arts allows her to, “do what I love and learn about the realm of theatre. The club provides an opportunity for everyone who is involved in the shows to come together, including pit and crew, as well as those who aren’t in the show. I love working with the Mo’s and it is a worthwhile experience.” If anyone is interested in the world of theatre or acting in general, this is the club to join.

Not into theatre and productions but still love to act and have fun? Then Improvisation Club is the way to go. Improvisation Club meets on Thursdays in room 305 under the supervision of Mr. Olsen, a math teacher here at JCHS. The goal of the club is to just act and have fun. They play games where they have to improvise acting on the fly and make everyone laugh. It is a lighthearted, carefree club where a person can just be themselves and have a good time. Someone who would enjoy the club is a person who enjoys acting and loves to make people laugh. All someone has to do to join is attend one of the meetings. David Palazzo, a freshman member of the Improvisation Club said his favorite part of the experience, “is acting out in a game. I enjoy acting and I love to make other people laugh.” His role is to simply be a part of the group and have a great time in the process.

Both of these clubs provide unique acting based experiences full of fun and entertainment. Joining is easy as attending a meeting and diving right in. New members to these clubs are always welcomed and are encouraged to have a good time and discover a new or blossoming interest in the process.