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February 20, 2024

Under Hawaii’s Starriest Sky

At an altitude of 3 miles above the Pacific sea level, you are sure to get the best view of Mauna Kea’s night show.

Who would want to miss the magical mosaic of blue and green light splashed across the night sky? Or the milky white stars so close you can almost grab them? Mauna Kea, situated on a mountainous region of Hawaii, is sure to catch your breath.


With the help of the most expensive star gazing material, it is possible to make the most out of a night spent on the mountain. In fact, dedicated astronomers and curious tourists have gone as far as buying the Thirty Meter Telescope, the largest and most clear image known to mankind. To astronomers, the Thirty Meter telescope is a next generation tool to spy on the galaxies and planets far beyond our solar system and to venture farther into the universe.

In fact, according to Doug Simons, the director of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, Mauna Kea is “the flagship of American and international astronomy.” Simons agrees that the advancements in the technology of the telescope have benefited the science of understanding the universe and how it works.

On the other hand, competitors of the newly coveted telescope claim that it is yet another telescope to add to the existing 13 others on Mauna Kea. The opponents also assert that the telescope is a handicap due to its bulkiness.

However, despite the critics, it is clear that the Thirty Meter Telescope is an asset to the science world of today. Without the advanced technology of this device, exploring galaxies in greater depth would not be possible.

So the next time you are hindered by what your next vacation stop should be, worry no more, as Mauna Kea is surely the place to be. You won’t want to miss the whimsical array of stars from a once in a lifetime view with the best telescope around.

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