Why Caldwell?

By Alec Tobin

In the summer of 2011, my family moved from southern California to New Jersey so that we could be closer to our extended family.  The importance of family was clear to me, but as we moved into our quiet neighborhood in the sticky heat of August, I had to wonder: why Caldwell? What makes people from all over settle here?

When I began 8th grade, my friendly classmates quickly sold me on Caldwell and made me feel at home. It wasn’t until my junior year, while editing for the Caldron, that I came to reevaluate this town and truly appreciate all that it offers. Although I joined apprehensively with no journalistic aspirations, I fell in love with the Caldron because of the microcosm of Caldwell it depicts.

In a week of editing, I have the chance to walk in the shoes of James Caldwell High School students with a wide range of interests and talents. I’ve experienced challenging forays into New York City art museums and exhilarating moments on the stage and on the field. I’ve pondered the bold political stances of our students and reflections on the year’s best music. After nine months walking in the shoes of others and seeing all of the wonderful things that students are doing, it has become clear to me why so many choose to live in this town.

Despite my best efforts, I have seen only a small piece of this school and what it offers in the past four years. While I am excited to become a part of another great community this fall, a part of me wonders how many more amazing stories I will miss at James Caldwell High School.

Thank you to the wonderful teachers and coaches who have fostered the diverse interests of our students. I would especially like to thank Ms. Podvesker for making me a more socially and politically conscientious citizen. Finally, thank you to Ms. Podvesker and Ms. Baut for all that they’ve done to guide me through this experience and make the Caldron successful.