The Underground Basketball League

By Jacob Rogovin

Most people in Caldwell know about the high school basketball team. Some people could even tell you their record or some of the players on the team. But odds are if you went up to anyone in town, they would not know that the high school has a recreation league. In this league, all high school students that live in Caldwell or West Caldwell can make a team of 8 to 12 players to compete against other kids in town. This league offers a fun alternative to playing for the high school basketball team. It is a fantastic way for kids that don’t want the competitiveness of a varsity sport, but still want the chance to play organized basketball. The games are held on Sunday and Monday nights in town, which is convenient for the busy schedule of a high school student.

A team can consist of students from any grade, freshman to seniors. However, most teams tend to have players in the same grade. This year there were 9 teams, a good turn out for most years. Two of those teams were all freshman, three were all sophomores, two were all juniors, one was all seniors with one junior, and the last team was all seniors with one sophomore. There were three teams that dominated the league, ‘Toon Squad’ (all junior team), ‘I Don’t Know Yet’ (senior team with one sophomore), and ‘Best Buds’ (senior team with one junior). ‘Best Buds’ beat ‘I Don’t Know Yet’ to make it to the finals, where they would eventually lose to the 2015-2016 Caldwell West Caldwell High School Recreation champions ‘Tune Squad’. It was another successful year for the high school rec league.