Ball Is Not So Much Life

By Justin Kuczborski

The phrase “ball is life” is thrown around the basketball world by players and teams who live by those words. Despite a record of 4-18 and a Conference-Division record of 1-11, the Chiefs Boys Basketball team still played with heart and perseverance. The Chiefs have faced some tough competition against great teams like Nutley and Christ the King, who have a record of 15-11. Despite a challenging season, individual players sure did step up to the plate, or court.

A star player for the Chiefs that has shined on the court this season has been senior, Austin Scott. Scott has a grand total of 283 points in 21 games. Scott has been Caldwell’s Stephen Curry, scoring a total of 65 three pointers this season and bringing the team’s three pointer total to the highest it has been in years. Another valuable asset to the team is senior, Brad Banaszynski. He has the second most accumulated points, 152, and three pointers, 40 on the team. Brad Banaszynski was able to comment on multiple things concerning his final season. Banaszynski said, “Last year, we had a very good season ending with 15 wins with some big upsets against teams like Milburn. Unfortunately, we had 10 seniors graduate last year and we knew that would be difficult for this years season. We only had 3 seniors so we had a lot of younger kids on this team and started the season a little shaky because we were very inexperienced. However, we ended the season with 5 wins and had big wins against Belleville on our senior night and away at New Providence. Overall, I would describe this past season as a rebuilding year and I think the program has a lot of potential for the next couple seasons.”