A real Asian Delite in Caldwell

Ethan Meth

In the center of Caldwell sits a restaurant that most of us have eaten at at least once in our lives. Asian Delite is a restaurant that is true to its name. It possesses eclectic Asian cuisine, ranging from refined sushi to General Tso’s chicken, the quality always surprises your taste buds.

Dining in Asian Delite is like stepping back into the past. The restaurant hasn’t changed much in the last decade. That makes it feel all the more comfortable. When you walk in eager waiters greet you, and you never have to wait for a table. When I go to Asian Delite for dinner I always start with some sweet and sour soup. The soup has everything. The spice of it wakes you up while the soft tofu cools down your mouth. The vegetables in it are always crunchy, along with some hidden pieces of tender beef. After my soup is finished my dinner usually arrives. I hate waiting long for my food, and Asian Delite gladly caters to my pet peeve. On my dinner table is always a plate of fried rice. In my eye this is the perfect dish. The tender rice is lightly sautéed with some oil and soy sauce until it starts to caramelize. Then they add peas, scrambled egg, and your choice of meat (chicken, pork, beef, or shrimp). I always have my order without onions because I feel like onions are too crunchy for a dish like fried rice. The next thing I have on my table is chicken and broccoli. The chicken is never dry and is sliced thin in a sweet and salty sauce, with huge florets of broccoli.

I, however, don’t eat all this food by myself. The portions are generous and perfect for sharing. I also think they expect you to share since they put a serving spoon in every dish. The dishes range from about 10-15 dollars. It is a hefty price, but well worth your money. No worries if eating dinner in the restaurant isn’t your style, Asian Delite also offers take-out.
Asian Delite will always be my standard for other Asian cuisine in the future. It is the first and best Asian food I have ever had. Next time you are stuck for a place to head for dinner and live in the Caldwell area, head to Asian Delite for a delightful meal.