Athlete Profile: Dean Caravela


By Brendan Dyer

When Caldwell Wrestling comes about in a conversation, Dean Caravela automatically comes to mind.  For the last four years, Dean Caravela has been leaving his mark and doing so with outstanding class and an utmost respect for the game and its participants.  Ever since Dean entered James Caldwell High School way back in 2012 he has followed in his father’s footsteps while creating a great legacy for himself.  Dean has compiled a vast amount of accolades and accomplishments that compare to no other over his high school wrestling career.

Since 2012, Dean has won the Caldwell Tournament and the Bloomfield Tournament three times each, he was a county champion in 2014, a three time district champion, two time regional finalist, two time state place winner, and aside from these distinct awards Dean has compiled 111 wins up to date with more to come in the near future.  Not many can even compare to what Dean has accomplished and no one is as humble and respectful to the sport as he is.  When I asked Dean what he would consider his top accomplishment he stated his placing in the state his sophomore year.  

These accolades are not easy to accomplish, and did not come easy to Dean, I can assure you that.  Dean demonstrates hard work and dedication at its finest.  This young man has committed much of his time to training and working hard at every chance he gets in order to be the best.  He follows a strict training program and never cuts any corners.  Running in the morning, working his hardest at practice, followed by more running in the evening are just some of the ways Dean stays in shape, not to mention weight training and a very balanced diet that helps keep him mentally tough.  Not many have the work ethic that he does and Dean credits much of this hard work as key reasons why he has achieved so many of his goals.

Dean will graduate with the Class of 2016 in June and he will continue his wrestling career at The Naval Academy.  He says he is ready for the challenges and obstacles that await him at the next level and he knows that it will be a grind but he will continue his hard work and dedication and he hopes to achieve as much as he can.  His coaches will push him to raise his skill level, but this is nothing that Dean is not ready to work for.  When I spoke with Dean he stated, “I am going to miss the team and the memories the most.  It’s a privilege to have such a great group of guys on the team and I am lucky I have them by my side.  We have so much fun together and help each other get through what is a long and grueling season.  Without them this sport would be a lot less enjoyable.  The memories I have from my four years of high school wrestling I will carry for life.”  Dean displays great leadership and appreciates his team greatly, while being a huge influence for the younger members of the team and even wrestlers who have yet to enter high school.

As Dean is influence to his team, his father Tom Caravela, former Caldwell wrestler and member of the Caldwell Hall of Fame, is Dean’s biggest influence.  When I asked him who influenced him the most he immediately said his dad.  He explained, “Being a wrestler himself, he is able to relate to the things I go through and help me in so many ways.  He motivated me to work as hard as possible and I owe much of my success to him.  Without my dad, I wouldn’t be the wrestler or the person I am today.  Not in the slightest.”  It is obvious that Dean has followed in his father’s footsteps and I am sure he has made his family proud along with many others.  

Dean’s story shows how the journey to success does not come easy and it never will.  The only way to attain greatness is to work hard constantly even when you want to quit you have to keep on pushing.  This separates the winners from the losers and Dean is without a doubt a winner.  Take Dean’s work ethic and prestigious career and let it inspire you and motivate you to accomplish your goals.  We wish Dean good luck for the remainder of his senior season and high school career as well as on his journey at the next level at the Naval Academy.  

Featured image courtesy of Christine Corliss