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GOP Voting Reform Bill in Georgia Sparks Controversy

Daniel Galal April 18, 2021

Though it has been two months since the election, the issue of voting rights is as contentious as it was during election season. Each election cycle, there is renewed conversation over the merits,...

How Much Can Executive Orders Do?

Daniel Galal March 13, 2021

Executive orders have defined newly-inaugurated President Joe Biden’s first months in office. With a split and hyperpartisan Congress, Biden has pushed dozens of executive orders that deal with...

Joe Biden Inaugurated as President

Daniel Galal February 7, 2021

On Wednesday, January 20th, President-Elect Joe Biden was sworn into office as the 46th President of the United States. This comes after months of contentious rhetoric over election security, baseless...

Congress Fails to Reach Common Ground Over COVID-19 Bill

Congress Fails to Reach Common Ground Over COVID-19 Bill

Daniel Galal December 26, 2020

With public health experts expecting a brutal season for COVID-19, the need for a federal stimulus package seems to be greater than ever. Economic relief is a bipartisan issue, but the problem lies...

An Awkward Transition

Daniel Galal December 6, 2020

The peaceful transfer of power between the winner and loser of an election is one of the lesser known features of the American election cycle. The transition was cemented into law by the Presidential...

A Far-Reaching Pandemic: The President’s COVID Diagnosis

Daniel Galal November 3, 2020

"cnn.com" The severity of COVID-19 cannot be overstated, the figures themselves say enough: 7,740,934 cases in the US, 214,108 deaths according to the CDC. A far-reaching pandemic, hitting every...

Democratic Primary Season Begins

Daniel Galal March 1, 2020

On Tuesday, February 11th, the New Hampshire Democratic Primary took place, an important early step in the 2020 election season. The primary signals the start of the major primary and caucus season,...

The Race for the Democratic Nomination Picks Up with Recent Debate

Daniel Galal February 1, 2020

The Democratic Primary Debate, which took place on January 14th, marks a change in how the race for the Democratic nomination will continue. Gone are the debates with ten candidates, some of whom stood...

Tensions Run High in the House: Democrats and Republicans Spar Over Impeachment

Daniel Galal January 5, 2020

The impeachment saga began another chapter on December 7th when a report by the House Judiciary Committee was released, outlining the constitutional and historical grounds for the impeachment of Donald...

The Fight Against Climate Change Isn’t Over

The Fight Against Climate Change Isn’t Over

Daniel Galal November 30, 2019

It seems that each year the warning signs of climate change grow more and more prominent. The global temperature continues to rise, sea levels are rising, and the rate at which ice sheets are melting...

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