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Palindrome Poems

Earth  By Olivia Macaluso Our Earth is already destroyed And I’d be a fool to believe  That our optimism will come to fruition  Deep down I know it is true  That our […]

Where I’m From Poems

By Olivia Macaluso, Emily Schablik, Addy Stafford and Ava Vanderclock The original “Where I’m From” poem was written by George Ella Lyon in 1993. “Where I’m From” is a free verse poem, […]

I Have a Dream Too

By Leah Fernandez I have a dream that one day this nation will one day hear my cry for acceptance. That this nation will stop breathing down my neck, stop holding me […]

Treasured Object Poems

 “Treasured Object Poems”  pay tribute to a cherished possession.  In a free-verse poem – which may rhyme or not rhyme –writers describe the object, along with the emotions and memories that are  associated […]