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The Ethics of True Crime: Should we Stop Watching it?

Emma Holubowich May 20, 2024

Introduction Throughout my life, I have found myself to be obsessed with True Crime. Whether it was watching True Crime shows with my mom on the weekends or listening to podcasts during the day: I...

Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Priscilla Movie Review

Emma Holubowich April 7, 2024

Over the past weekend while scrolling through Max, I saw that "Priscilla" had made it to streaming platforms and decided to watch it. I knew what the story would be about but I was not prepared to...

Photo courtesy of CNN.

Protests Erupt Across Europe

Emma Holubowich March 14, 2024

Introduction  With all the strikes that happened last year, one would think that they would slow down this year, but no: there is another strike occurring in Europe that will have global implications...

Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Upcoming 2024 Films

Emma Holubowich February 20, 2024

Ever since the pandemic, it has felt like cinema is not what it used to be with movies moving onto streaming platforms and many movie theaters like the one in Caldwell shutting down. But in 2023, it felt...

Photo Courtesy of History.com

The Origins of Halloween

Emma Holubowich December 6, 2023

  When people think of Halloween they think of costumes and candy, but what lies beneath the surface is much more fascinating than a candy bar. First,  we go back to the ancient people of...

United Auto Worker Strike Explained

Emma Holubowich November 3, 2023

Intro It seems like everyone is on strike. It started with the writers, then the actors, and now it is the auto workers of America. The strike started on September 15th when the labor contract between...

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