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Shrek by Shrek

Brendan Cullinane March 18, 2014

Coming from someone who has acted out Shakespeare in a drawn on beard and played a flying blacklight cat, “Shrek the Musical” is still by far one of the strangest and most entertaining musical theatre...

The Shame of New Jersey

Brendan Cullinane February 11, 2014

New Jersey has been the butt of jokes for quite some time.  Although most are the harmless jokes about our accents and the television show The Jersey Shore, the one that has always been there but never...

Governmental gamble

Brendan Cullinane October 15, 2013

Although I’ve only spent a little under 18 years on this earth and in this country, it doesn’t take many years of experience for me to know when I am being used.  When somebody manipulates you for...

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