The Spookiest JCHS Production Yet

Katie Quigley

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re all together ooky, The Addams Family Musical! Just a few weeks ago, students presented The Addams Family Musical; if you missed the show, you missed out on some of the creepiest characters and funniest musical moments in JCHS history.

The story was based around the Addams family; Gomez (Josh Kopen) and Morticia (Anna Rizzotti) Addams, with their two “lovely” children, Pugsley (Sam Mulick) and Wednesday (Erica Blanco). Uncle Fester (Kyle Elphick), Grandma (Noelle Gizzi), and the family’s butler, Lurch (Louis Lombardi), also joined the Addams clan to make for a really crazy household. To top it all off, the Addams family ancestors came out for their yearly visit with the still-living Addams family members. However, when they try to go back home, into their crypt, they find that they are

Image courtesy of the Caldwell-West Caldwell School District Facebook page.
Image courtesy of the Caldwell-West Caldwell School District Facebook page.

locked out. They won’t be allowed back in “until love triumphs” between Wednesday and her “normal” boyfriend, Lucas Beineke (John Franklin). Wednesday tells her father that she is going to marry Lucas and they will have to meet him and his parents, Mal (Dante Savanello) and Alice (Regina Peters) Beineke for dinner. However, Wednesday only confides her secret in Gomez. She knows it will be especially difficult to share the news with her mother, who doesn’t want her daughter marrying any ordinary, normal boy. Wednesday wants “One Normal Night” to try to convince the Beineke’s that her family isn’t as strange as they seem. Each family member puts on an act to make themselves seem as normal as they possibly can be.

As the night of the dinner goes on, the Addams find that they are not the only abnormal family there. The Beineke’s are not the happy, normal family from Ohio that they make themselves out to be. There happens to be a lot of underlying issues that no one really talks about. After a night with the Addams family, however, all of their problems are solved. This spooky tale ends up having a surprisingly happy ending, with the marriage of Wednesday and Lucas. And, finally, the ancestors are allowed to head back home.

As a freshman, I’m so glad I was able to join the theatre arts club this early on. I can’t wait for next year’s show, and I hope The Addams Family Musical inspired more people to join the club. This production wouldn’t have been possible without our director, Ms. Baglivio, or our musical director, Greg Paradis. Greg’s fantastic pit also made this musical great, along with our stage crew and lights.

Congratulations to everyone that contributed into this year’s musical!