Help others, give thanks

Linnea Endersby

With Thanksgiving coming up, all we can think about is food, food, and more food. This is a day when most people eat until they can’t possibly take another bite. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to eat until they are full. Hunger is a worldwide problem. A root of this problem is poverty. Poverty prevents many people from eating, and unless we tackle it, it will continue to do so. Ending poverty and hunger will be a long journey, but it all begins with a single step.

A group which helps people take that first steps is Heifer International. Heifer collects donations to help people in third world countries battle against poverty and hunger. The donations people give are used to buy animals. The recipient of this animal is educated on how to use the animal to its full potential. These animals provide many opportunities for the recipients since they can be used to plow land, helping produce crops. These crops can be used for food and sold, providing an income. When this income becomes steady it helps improve their financial state. The fur from the animal also helps make clothing. However, the one animal that is donated does not limit its beneficial results to just the initial recipient, because they were helped, they then have the duty to help others. They do this by giving the first female offspring of their animal to another family in need. Before long, a struggling community is transformed into a prosperous one. For as little as $20 you could begin the reconstruction of a community. To discover the gift you could give, visit

Another organization helping people make it through hard times is World Vision. World Vision helps people affected by natural disasters recuperate. These tragic events are traumatizing and World Vision helps insure justice to the poor people who are affected. It is a Christian organization who also helps fight against poverty. World Vision is currently collecting donations to help victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. Not only supporting those traumatized by natural disasters, World Vision makes it possible to support an individual child’s growth. Similarly to Heifer International, it is also possible to make donations like live animals—but also to help provide resources for clean drinking water and for protecting the futures of sexually exploited young girls. For more information please visit

     So, as we celebrate this holiday season, brighten up someone else’s life by giving them a gift. At a time when we are reminded to be thankful for how much more we have compared to others, it is important to remember how much we are capable of giving back to those who are less fortunate. Whether it is a donation, or an animal, it will surely make a difference in their lives.