Athlete Profile: Kenny Barone

Jacob Rogovin

Senior Kenny Barone has seen a lot of success throughout his four years of playing high school sports.  From the pitch, to the track, to the court, Barone has always given his all.  He has been recognized as a leader, a motivator, and winner.  I had the privilege of asking Kenny a few questions on his successful career as a Chief:

Q: How did your role play into the success of the soccer team this past year?

A: My role changed on the field often, as I usually played wherever coach thought I could help the team the most. But generally I was able to help the team by being a leader and working hard.

Q: How will you remember your soccer career at JCHS as a whole?

A: I’ll remember my varsity soccer career for the success that the teams I have been a part of have had on the field. With three ten plus winning seasons and five wins in the state tournament, and off the field with the bonds that I have built with my teammates, it has been a good four years.

Q: How will you help fill the roles of the players you lost from last year’s basketball team?

A: For basketball we didn’t really lose too many players. Sean (Clarkin) and Steve (Brown) will be hard to replace, but we are returning five players who played significant minutes last year (Hunter, Austin, Brian, Nick, and I), and I think we can have a successful season.

Q: What are your goals for this basketball season as an individual and as a team?

A: Individually, I just want to limit my turnovers and help the team in whatever way I can. As a team, we look to win the Christmas tournament which consists of Cedar Grove, Verona, and West Essex. We also have set goals to win the division and get a home game in the state tournament.