The Benefits of a Small Town

Braelan Drollas

Moving from a 26-square mile rural town in South Jersey to the tiny town of Caldwell, NJ, my senior year of high school has been an adjustment to say the least. However, I have enjoyed the adjustment to a smaller town, with a close-knit community, and a lively avenue within walking distance lined with bustling shops and restaurants. 

When I lived in a 26-square mile rural town, commuting from school, to sports practices, and friends’ houses could easily take up to twenty minutes. However, in Caldwell, I am able to easily walk to where I need to go and everything is accessible. I am able to grab a cup of coffee on Bloomfield Avenue, and meet up with friends close to my home. Coming from a large town, I appreciate the conveniences of having everything near me. 


Not only that, I have found that people in this town are welcoming and friendly. I am not sure exactly why, but I believe people have to be respectful and accountable for their behavior towards one another in a small town. I could sense the welcoming and lively environment as soon as I first came to James Caldwell High School. I noticed strong bonds developed between athletes, students, and teachers. In contrast, while living in a big town, I did not know many people in my graduating class of about 500 students, and found some to be anonymous, seeing their faces every so often in the school hallways. I believe I will reap the benefits of attending school and living in this small town. Caldwell, New Jersey has a charm of itself, which I believe is shown in its close community, welcoming environment, and bustling main street.