Meet Mrs. Modero and JCHS Theatre Arts

Julie Servidio

Another great year has begun at JCHS and with each new year there are bound to be new faces. Although not new to the school, Mrs. Modero has begun teaching an Introduction to Theatre class which the school has never had before. Modero has taught in other schools, such as The Academy for Performing Arts in Union County as well as teaching at the Performers Theatre Workshop in Maplewood, New Jersey before bringing her expertise on everything theatre to JCHS. Modero has acted in shows as well as directed shows in the past. Her favorite show which she has acted in was West Side Story at the Boston Conservatory because she was able to perform Jerome Robbins’ original choreography and work under one of his apprentices during the show. She has also directed numerous shows including 42nd Street and Kiss Me Kate, both of which were performed here at JCHS. She is also directing the school’s performances this year of Alice in Wonderland in the fall and the musical Shrek in the spring. Along with directing the school shows, Modero is also the leader of the Theatre Arts club and will be holding an audition workshop for Shrek on October 29-30 from 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Although Modero is well known for directing two fantastic shows every year here at JCHS, this is the first year that she has taught a class during school. Intro to Theatre is a diverse class in which students will focus on learning the eight major aspects of theatre which include acting, directing, design, technician work, playwriting, critiquing, researching and being an audience member. Modero was inspired to become a teacher in college. She was going to school for musical theatre and found that she could break down material in a way that was easy for others to understand, which ultimately led her to go back for her teaching degree. When asked what the most rewarding part of teaching was, she claimed that it was “when students no longer need me and are passionate and motivated enough to work autonomously and be their own source of learning.” Modero loves all facets of theatre and feels as though they are all connected. When she is directing she is also teaching others and helping them to improve, and during class she is constantly acting the role of teacher by directing students to gain new knowledge of the subject. It is a never ending cycle that encompasses everything about theatre that she is passionate about. However, her entire life is not based solely around theatre. She also has two adorable children; Makenzie, who is three years old and Jackson who is nineteen months, and she enjoys taking part in family activities along with her husband, Mr. Modero.