Dear Evan Hansen: “The Tony Award Winner of best musical of all time”

Megan Tynan

Dear Evan Hansen is a broadway musical about a high school boy who suffers with social anxiety. When Evan sees a therapist he is told to write letters, since he is having such a hard time connecting with his mother about his anxiety.  Evan’s classmate, Connor commits suicide, it leads him into a series of lies but also draws him closer to his crush, Zoe, who is Connor’s sister. This was by far one of the most breathtaking musicals I’ve ever seen. The actors played their roles so well it was almost like you could feel what they were going through, throughout the entire show. Not only did their voices take your breath away, but the lyrics to the songs fit right in with the emotions shown on the character’s face. There was not a dry eye in the audience simply because they connected with everyone so well and portrayed their parts with amazing passion. The production barely used any props, but somehow found a way to keep you entertained throughout the entire show. Most reviews of the show were positive, saying it was an emotional roller coaster and showed people what other people with mental illness go through everyday. I couldn’t agree with that anymore, while watching the play I could almost feel what it felt like to be sad, depressed, or feel like no one’s there, even though that wasn’t going on in my life. It made you realize that no matter who you are, you matter. No matter how much you feel like no one notices you, someone always does. It helped people realize that there is always hope and as quoted in one of the songs “You Will be Found”. Most people are saying there was a huge turn out for this musical because not only is it breath taking, so many people today struggle with depression or social anxiety or even feeling like they have no value and no one notices them.  One of the negative reviews was that it was very morbid, I agree with that, but I also feel like that set the stage for the entire show and you knew that it was going to be like that since it is about someone commiting suicide. All in all, I would highly recommend seeing Dear Evan Hansen it was completely breathtaking and changed my perspective on mental illness.