Finland to be a Member of NATO

By: Charley Albert When Vladimir Putin initially invaded Ukraine this past February, many knew that the attack would precipitate changes in societies, governments, and relationships between nations across the globe. Recently, the […]

AP Studio Art

By: Sandra Benlian This year I had the opportunity to take the AP Studio Art class, which has no doubt been my favorite class! For those who have a love for art, […]

The Last Four Years

By: Danielle Rapsas My time at James Caldwell High School has been defined by my teachers, sports, clubs, and other involvements. A “normal” high school experience is unrealistic, in my opinion. Despite […]

My High School Career

By: Sandra Benlian I believe an internship would be a more accurate way of describing my time at James Caldwell. I certainly learned a lot, both by very experienced individuals, as well […]


By: Uma Attreya There’s so much I want to write and say. But when it comes down to it, all I can think about is how this is so weird. Just yesterday […]