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Racial Vision

Racial Vision  By: Uma Attreya If only there was never a thing called blindness, Maybe people would be able to see more than the outsides. When I take off my glasses,  I […]


A poem about Joan Castleman, Glenn Close’s character in the 2017 film The Wife, based on Meg Wolitzer’s novel of the same name. In 40 years of marriage, Joan has ghostwritten the […]

Black Out Poetry

Blackout Poetry is a mixture of poetry and art made by taking any form of printed text and “blacking out” the unwanted or unnecessary words to create a new poem. The redacted […]

Feelings of Glee

By: Carina Whiting The grass feels soft beneath my feet, Though my thoughts are broken and incomplete. Lonely hours pass silently by, While colors slowly fade from the afternoon sky. Soon enough […]

Beautiful Rebirth

By: Carina Whiting The moonlight shines softly on the midnight waves. The beach is left empty from the afternoon craze. The seemingly black water pushes and pulls. The abandoned sand is perfect […]