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Learn Code Already

Peter Shultz April 22, 2013

While stock market indexes have hit all-time highs in recent weeks, many economists have made clear the fact that the American economy is still not entirely fixed. While businesses have begun to let...

Euphemisms: a dilution of meaning

Peter Shultz April 1, 2013

As one of the most eccentric comedians of his time, the late George Carlin was known for everything but staying within the lines of what was deemed appropriate. From his “Seven Dirty Words” routine...

The crumbling country

Peter Shultz January 17, 2013

Once upon a time, America was considered the leader of the world. It was the country with the smartest, the hardest working: the country with the most industrious and innovative people that made all other...

Cheating: some thoughts

Peter Shultz January 5, 2013

Perhaps one of the better movie quotes within the past two years has come from the 2011 movie “Margin Call.” In it, an investment bank is followed as the American financial system begins its precipitous...

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