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Reactions to Euphoria Season 2 So Far

Nicole Cordasco February 28, 2022

The second season of HBO's hit Euphoria premiered on January 9, 2022. The show is being streamed in the traditional cable format, one episode released every Sunday at 9:00 PM EST. Three of the eleven...

Swimming Chiefs Adapt and Persevere 

Nicole Cordasco December 13, 2021

"facebook.com" The Swimming Chiefs 2021 season began in earnest last week. Despite many setbacks and challenges, the team is eager to compete. Coaches Steve Trivino and Elizabeth Coogan-Russell...

Biden Calls For an End to the “Forever War” in Afghanistan

Nicole Cordasco May 28, 2021

"nytimes.com" On April 14, President Biden released a statement outlining the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The 2,500 troops remaining in Afghanistan would be brought home starting on...

Democracy-Threatening Coup: Protests and Violence in Myanmar

Nicole Cordasco April 18, 2021

"washingtonpost.com" The military of Myanmar seized control of the government on February 1, 2021. This coup d'état occurred after a general election on November 8, in which the National League...

Promising Young Woman: A Film You Won’t Soon Forget

Promising Young Woman: A Film You Won’t Soon Forget

Nicole Cordasco March 13, 2021

Actress Carey Mulligan portrays Cassie Thomas in Promising Young Woman, a stylized and jarring psychological drama by Emerald Fennell. Cassie lives with her parents and works at a coffee shop in Ohio,...

COVID’s Impact On Indigenous Culture

COVID’s Impact On Indigenous Culture

Nicole Cordasco February 7, 2021

American and Alaskan Natives currently make up approximately 2.4% of the United States population, an estimated 10 million people (National Congress of American Indians). Less than half of this group...

Kamala Harris: The First, Not the Last

Nicole Cordasco December 6, 2020

"mercurynews.com" California Senator, Kamala Harris, made history in the recent presidential election. Harris is the first Black Vice President-elect, as well as the first woman and first South-Asian...

Are the Kids (and Adults) Alright? The State of Mental Health at JCHS in the Time of COVID19

Nicole Cordasco November 4, 2020

“We are living through unprecedented times.” You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. But how are these circumstances affecting us and our mental health in the long run? Online schooling...

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