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Animal Testing

Megan Rickenbach January 29, 2018

In the past few years, more and more people are focusing on where their products come and how they were created or tested. I believe this is mainly because of the somewhat recent trend of veganism that...

A Controversial Punishment: The Death Penalty

Megan Rickenbach January 29, 2018

The death penalty is a highly debated punishment that remains legal in 38 states. In those states, an individual who commits an unforgivable crime can be tried for the death penalty. While some have...

The Effects of Social Media

Megan Rickenbach November 21, 2017

Social media is constantly present in the lives of teenagers and young adults in the twenty-first century. From Twitter to Snapchat, there’s always a distraction at one’s fingertips. Many people...

Opinions on Modern Day Stereotypes

Megan Rickenbach October 24, 2017

Whether it is done through social media or in the halls of the high school, everyone is guilty of judging others; sometimes we just can’t help it. By definition, a stereotype is a widely known and...

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