The Moving Finger

Ashvin Nagarajan

Omar Khayyam, a Persian mathematician, once wrote “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, moves on.” This quote, one of my favorites, is a metaphor for time. It implies that the passage of time continues to shape our environment and our reality, never yielding or correcting its inexorable work. As we live our lives, this acts as a reminder to embrace opportunities because second chances may not be frequent. Khayyam’s momentous words speak volumes and deserve to be pondered.


Perhaps trudging through the daily routine, we miss this essential message about humanity’s contributions. Each one of us has the power to shape the permanence of our collective history. Thoughts and ideas can lead to innovation and progress, if only we take the time to nurture them.

As we prepare to graduate from James Caldwell High School, this is one lesson for which I am most thankful. Faculty members and administration throughout the district are dedicated with providing students with intellectual curiosity and profound thoughtfulness. With these tools, it is our mission, as graduates, to ensure that our lasting legacy reflects our values. I am devoted to affirming positive habits through college and beyond because there may not be that second chance. With high school coming to an end, I am grateful for sharing memories with so many meaningful peers and mentors. Thank you all for forging a connection that will last a lifetime. Finally, thank you to the JCHS Caldron and its staff for allowing me to express myself in my most authentic way.