Will and Grace Actor Leslie Jordan Dies At The Age of 67 

By: Christina Brown

After Leslie Jordan’s sudden death, heartbroken fans question the cause of the actor’s tragic accident. 

Before Tragedy Struck

At 67 years of age, you could say that Leslie Jordan was somewhat of an icon. Before his tragic death, Jordan starred on Will and Grace and received an Emmy for his outstanding performance. He also appeared in American Horror Story for three seasons, as well as Supernatural, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and Shake It Up. During the COVID-19 quarantine, Leslie Jordan gained a huge following on social media platforms such as TikTok, where he brightened people’s days during times of extreme isolation. Jordan shared stories of his career, childhood and Hollywood secrets to his 5.8 million fans. When he wasn’t being an entertainer, Jordan was working with a non-profit organization to deliver food to people with HIV/AIDS in LA. Leslie Jordan was not only a comedic entertainer, but a kind and caring person who wanted the best for the people around him. He became a beloved actor and social media influencer to millions of people.

The Crash

On October 24, 2022 Leslie Jordan was proclaimed dead after a fatal car accident where his car crashed into the side of a building in Los Angeles. A few days after the car accident, people were unsure as to what could have caused it, but it was speculated that it was a medical emergency. After much research, law enforcement officers confirmed that Leslie Jordan’s accident was the result of a medical emergency, however the emergency itself remains unknown. While Jordan was alive he was said to have not had any known medical conditions, however in the few weeks leading up to his death, Jordan had been experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath and extreme discomfort. Jordan had set up a doctor’s appointment a few weeks before his death because he had been worried that he was experiencing heart issues. According to People, Leslie Jordan had also been an alcoholic, receiving many DUIs and even time in prison. While Jordan did get sober eventually, alcohol abuse can damage the heart and other organs of the body. While his medical emergency is not yet confirmed, it is likely that he may have suffered from some type of heart issue.