Pep Rallies–Inside or Outside

By: Lauren Geher

It is already a month into the 2022-2023 school year, and JCHS is off to a great start. The second week of school presented students with spirit week, followed by the Fall Pep Rally that Friday. Following last year, the pep rally was held outside once again, as the school gym was not fully redone yet. The pep rally is anticipated by much of the student body each year; however, it was once held a little differently. 

Photo courtesy of Ms. Callaghan
Photo courtesy of Ms. Callaghan

In the 2019-2020 school year, and each year prior, the fall pep rally was held inside. COVID-19 left fall 2020 without any pep rally, as students were not in school, and the last two had been outside on Bonel Field. Being so, the only students that have experienced an indoor pep rally are the current senior class. Senior Christina Cerreto reflected on the past pep rally, after taking part as a host she realized, “The outdoor pep rally was successful, but it was difficult to maintain everybody’s attention. Many students are not engaged, as it was harder for them to hear. Whereas inside, everyone is closer together so it is difficult to not be engaged in the events.” Christina felt strongly that next year, JCHS should bring back the indoor fall pep rally to truly unite the students. 

Photo courtesy of Ms. Callaghan

Similar to Christina, senior cheerleader Danielle Perry missed the indoor pep rally. When asked about a comparison from her freshman year to senior year pep rally, Danielle said, “My senior year pep rally was fun, and overall a good experience. But, I enjoyed the inside pep rally more. Everyone is more focused and students are more connected. It was difficult as a cheerleader to engage the entire school community because everyone was farther apart.” There is no doubt that JCHS is filled with school spirit and support, but that isn’t easy to show when all of the sports teams are separated, and the different grade levels are spaced far apart. 

The 2022 fall pep rally was successful, and the student council worked with the restrictions and obstacles surrounding the gym getting redone to still bring students together. Nonetheless, JCHS would further benefit from holding an indoor pep rally next fall, and truly connecting the student body.