My High School Experience

By: Enzo Whetton

I spent 4 years of my life taking classes at JCHS (1.25 of which were online, but that is another story), and I could go on and on about my experiences at JCHS, but instead I will look back on my time not to retell old stories, but rather give advice on what worked for me over my time in high school in the hopes that it could help someone entering high school.

First, teachers are willing to help. They do not want their students to fail, and there have been so many instances where I went to teachers for clarification or extra help, and they spent time with me until I fully understood the material we were learning. Whether it be reviewing an essay or going over practice problems before a math test, my teachers have always been willing to find time to help me, and I benefited greatly because of their help.

The next piece of advice is one that everyone says: get involved early and often. There are so many ways to get involved at JCHS. I was a member of the tennis team, the bowling team, and a variety of clubs. It was through these activities that I was able to grow socially while doing things I enjoyed. If nothing at JCHS piques your interest, you can start a club that you enjoy, as my friends and I did with the Chess Club. Every club is extremely welcoming and wants new members to join, so test out clubs and see if you enjoy them, and eventually you will find something you enjoy.

The third piece of advice is that you will get what you put into high school. This applies to both the social and academic aspects of these four years. Socially, if you put yourself out there and are willing to talk to your classmates and teammates, they will be much more likely to engage with you back. Academically, if you do your homework and study, your grades will reflect your effort.

Overall, I would not change my time at JCHS. Even through a pandemic, I enjoyed the time I spent with my friends and classmates, and I am excited to take my next step in life by attending TCNJ in the fall.