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Super Bowl Halftime Show: The Weeknd Lights Up The Stage

By: Alejandro Lago


In February 2021, The Weeknd headed to Florida for his performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The big game has hosted many talented musical acts such as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and last year’s Shakira & JLO. Last year, Shakira and JLO set records with their astounding performance. Their halftime show performance became the most watched on YouTube with over 200 million views. Therefore, The Weeknd had big shoes to fill. Before the performance it was reported that The Weeknd had spent over a million dollars of his own money to fund the performance. The Weeknd’s performance was mediocre, but I still enjoyed watching it. Due to COVID, he was able to use many  different areas of the stage that past superbowl performances did not do . This made the performance have a fresh feel compared to past performances. The Weeknd performed many of his hits including The Hills and Blinding Lights, which many of their fans as well as others have definitely heard. The Weeknd’s voice sounded fantastic, and his production set was breathtaking. The background dancers swarmed the football field making it look appealing on TV. However, I will have to say, the performance was good, but not the best Superbowl halftime show I’ve seen. 


The Weeknd was missing choreography and at times, which left dead air and uncalled for pauses in the show. In my opinion, the performance felt a little boring. This could have been because of restrictions that were put in place due to the current pandemic. Overall, The Weekend put on a good show, but there could have been some improvements to make the show more exciting and memorable. If you get a chance, I would suggest going onto YouTube and checking this show out for yourself.