First Game of Playoffs

By: Brendan Padover

Caldwell football, the number two seed in the division, played their first playoff game against Whippany Park on November 10th.  After Whippany received the punt, Whippany Park scored off of a 70 yard run, the first play of the game, leading Caldwell to believe that Whippany might make an extreme upset in the bracket.  However, after this quick trauma, Caldwell began to warm up in the 20 degree weather and began performing exceptionally well. Anthony Costigan had a total of 151 rushing yards, three touchdowns, a two point conversion, and two extra points, putting up all of Caldwell’s points in the first half of the game.

In the second half, both Brian Clarkin and later James Miller threw a touchdown pass to Brian King. Luke Loudon scored the extra point for the first touchdown and Joe Jenkins ran in the two point conversion for the second touchdown. Brian Clarkin and James Miller had a total of 37 and 21 passing yards respectively.

Caldwell’s defense, much like their offense, had a fantastic game. Exceptional performances from players like Anthony Costigan with six tackles and a half sack, Kyle Shaffer with seven tackles, Nick Christopher with one sack and three tackles, Patrick Theobald with four tackles, and Frank Mondsini with four tackles and one sack.  After the first slip-up, the defense held off Whippany Park’s offense until the fourth quarter in which they scored once more.  Hopefully, this victory will foreshadow Caldwell’s win at their next game against Hackettstown on November 17, leading the team to the championship game at MetLife Stadium.

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