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A sandwich of romance that is more than just a romance

By: Kassie Sarkar

Close your eyes.

Now picture a cheesy love story, the cheesiest love story you can think of, one that has cheese that oozes and drips. Got it? Now, remove all the cheese, and what do you have? Just another love story. But add a heartwarming bun, some lovable lettuce, heartbreaking tomatoes, and ham that makes you want to laugh until the cows come home. If you don’t like ham, go back in time and leave out the ham, because in this romance, that is entirely possible. Now what do you have? Not “just another love story.” Now you have the romance that will make you want to laugh, cry, and jump for joy all at the same time. Now you have the film “About Time.”

The movie “About Time” entered theaters November 1 and already it has made an impression. It begins with Tim, played by Domhnall Gleeson, an Average Joe in the United Kingdom just looking for love. Then, on New Years, Tim learns from his father that at the age of 21, the men in their family obtain a special gift. This special gift is they can travel back in time, but only to places and times they have been. Obviously, this is life changing for any person, but Tim’s first wish is to use this gift to find love.

Tim finds love with Mary who is  played Rachel McAdams. Although their love is true, it takes a couple of tries before they are both on the same page. The two of them start a remarkable life together and they are definitely a match made in heaven.

The movie follows Tim through the joys and misfortunes that life holds and it sheds a new light on the phrase: “Living life to the fullest.” It explores all of life and death, fear and comfort, and grief and happiness. With this gift, Tim is able to reveal the true meaning of life, something that many people have struggled with for a long time. There are those who say that they know what its like to enjoy life, but Tim is a man who can honestly say that he lives life to the fullest.

Now open your eyes.

What you just witnessed is a sandwich wiser than any other sandwich in the history of the world. This once cheesy love story is now a romance sandwich that delves into all aspects of life, the good and the bad. The bad that most of us choose to ignore. There is a funny twist, though, in this sandwich. A twist that makes it worthwhile. That cheesy love story you once saw has now evolved into something more. Something extraordinary.

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