The Pros of Technology in School

By: Allison Ventola
Technology has been enhancing our lives day in and day out for decades. Today, the society that we live in is much more dependent on technology than it has ever been in the past: providing new devices, ways to communicate, and just overall accessibility Around the world, greater forms of technology have been adopted contributing to the increased ease and efficiency of everyday tasks. Not only has technology become prevalent in the workplace and home, but it also has become abundant in schools.

Though our school may not have the most advanced technology, it is taking great steps towards “becoming more modernized,” says senior, Eric Ma. An example is the clicker. For those of you who had Mr. Marrone for biology either freshman or sophomore year, you probably remember the orange contraptions with grey buttons that looked like remote controls. These clickers enabled even the shyest of students to participate without fear of getting the answer wrong or turning red from embarrassment from having to answer a Do-Now question out loud. The clickers enabled students to participate without worrying about the repercussions if they were to get the answer wrong. They could answer silently within the comfort of their own seat.
A while ago, we adopted SmartBoards, which enable us to present projects effortlessly and allows teachers to draw on a surface that they won’t have to clean later. It’s like a computer- but on a board.
Additionally, the English Selective class named Reader’s Choice is an example of a class that wouldn’t be possible without technology. Reader’s Choice is a class in which students have to read six total books; three they have to vote on with their group, and three are chosen by the reader him/herself. Imagine needing to go out to Barnes & Noble to buy each student’s desired book? It would be nearly impossible. For that reason, the class has made Nooks readily available to students who are in this class, so that each student can buy their desired book at the touch of a button without having to even leave their home. “Books are also cheaper on the nook,” says Ma, “and it’s also nice because you don’t have to lug a lot of books around.” Also, how many of us can agree to the fact that whenever we have to find quotes in a book, it’s kind of a pain? You have to flip through what seems like thousands of pages to find one measly quote. However, with the nook, “you can just command-search and find your quote,” says senior, Katie Aliotta, “it’s a good way to modernize.” Pretty convenient, right?
These small improvements are steps that we are taking in order to slowly modernize education—and it’s working. Even though sometimes our technology might not be up to par with the rest of the world (as many would agree), we’re still taking steps and, as students, we are ultimately benefitting from the process.

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